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History and discussion of my life in a fandom-based cult of personality lead by Andy Blake (andythanfiction). It's a crazy train with no caboose, and you just can't stop looking.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
All I'm saying is by the way you word your arguments, it looks as if you think that anyone who would ever befriend Andy must be some easily manipulated soul, or someone who just doesn't want to see "the real truth." Perception and yadda yadda. You seem pretty dedicated to this.
kumquatwriter kumquatwriter Said:

I disagree with your take on my words, and you’re putting a hell of a lot of blame on his victims.

On the contrary - the vast majority of his victims have been intelligent, rational people who in general are *not* that easy to manipulate.

The level of lies and manipulations he has managed - over ten years, well documented from multiple sources? That’s more than someone who takes the “easily manipulated souls.”

Andrew Michael Blake, Thanfiction, Jordan Wood, or any of the other names I knew him by (Like Imrodyr! Or Chemenetaqua! Or The General! Or one of any number of John’s!) is well beyond the average “manipulator.”

No, I don’t have contempt or scorn for the people under his sway, or think they are of subpar intelligence. Nor do I think that everyone he knows or is friends with is a victim. It’s entirely possible to have a friendship with (or be a fan of someone) you don’t trust or who isn’t always safe, or even someone who does things you find morally reprehensible.

For example - I have a few friends who I wouldn’t go out drinking with because I wouldn’t feel safe alone and altered with them. But I’d happily hang out with them over coffee and chat about movies. I have other friends that do things that I consider morally reprehensible on varying levels (cheating on a spouse, refusing vaccinations, voting Tea Party), and I am able to put those feelings aside and enjoy their company and friendship.

The only thing I am dedicated to is making information available. I quite literally could not care less if people are friends with him or not. I don’t know how active his F-list is. I don’t read his page and wring my hands in worry for the poor widdle sheeple. But you can’t be anything but an easily manipulated whatever if what Andy has actually done to real people and real lives isn’t told.

Lying liars who lie hurt people. Not stupid people who deserve it. Smart people who can’t see it coming because that’s how lies work.
And I will continue to carry out my mother’s excellent advice:

Stand in your truth.

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