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We got a second car. It is awesome.





#ok im not even in the doctor who fandom but i must reblog this i cant

for some reason I’m not afraid of weeping angels anymore

omFg I a m cRY

This makes me look at these things in a whole different light.

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Hi. When do you think you might post more answers from your AMA?I am really interested in reading your thoughts. Hope you and your family, including your amazing mother, are doing well.
kumquatwriter kumquatwriter Said:

I was planning to work on it tonight, but I just don’t want to go to that headspace. I guess I underestimated how exhausting that much thinking about that life would be. I’ll probably work on it early next week.

Life is good. I have a full time job, now that my son is in preschool. It’s a big adjustment all around. He’s doing great, though - just graduated from his first swimming class. The apples on our trees are starting to get ripe and the clover we seeded the yard with is starting to really take off. Mom is healthy and happy too.







Okay, so many of my watchers on deviantART are already aware of this, but last month I was scammed for thousands of dollars by a user named Pixlett / ToxicMutagen. (They both use the same PayPal address) Pixlett has since deactivated her account.

My account of the fraud:

[ Part 1] [ Part 2 (Today) ]

Pixlett bought some artwork from me for very large sums of money. Then, a few months later, I notice that a couple grand went missing from my PayPal, because she filed a credit card chargeback against me, claiming that she never got the item. Obviously, it was digital artwork, so there was no physical item to ship. She did this for every single piece of artwork she bought from me, and even after backing myself up with a ton of evidence, PayPal ruled in her favor.

And now, today, it has happened AGAIN. Pixlett has filed MORE chargebacks against me, putting me into negative $2,000 in my PayPal account. I start school in a week and need money to pay for my new textbooks, supplies, and gas, but looks like that’s not gonna happen thanks to this fraud.

I have set up a PayPal Donation button on my page, where you can help me out. Even just a dollar helps. Small amounts add up quickly, and I need to get out of the negatives as soon as possible.

I apologize, because I never ask for help, but this is just beyond my capacity of fixing in such a short amount of time. Several other people were also affected by this scammer, so please consider helping them out too.

Thank you! ;u; If you have any questions or concerns, you can message me on here or on my dA.




also - wow … WOW .. I´m fucking mad about this person and paypal - this is really fucked up. this is really a slap in the face for digital artists …

Signal boosting, this is not cool.  

Reblogging for relevance; this is terrible… and it seems to happen with alarming frequency; ourselves, as well as several other artists who deal in physical media were scammed on etsy last year the same way.

One of the complicating factors in a chargeback scam is that ultimately the decision lies with the credit card company (at least, this is what paypal told us). The cc company has zero reason to rule against their cardholder, who they will potentially lose as a client if they do.

One suggestion for those dealing in digital art: for high price point commissions, send a USB with the file through registered mail. Its STILL not a guarantee against fraud, but it gives you extra proof of delivered goods at least.
So sorry that the OP is going through this!

Signal boost because chargeback scammers are bottom feeding scum.

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I’m doing an AMA tomorrow. Details on the Livejournal.

I have edited my blog entry “A Moot Point, Part 1” for clarity. Particularly relevant:

In retrospect, it was a completely transparent move on Andy’s part. He was undoubtedly feigning unconsciousness. There weren’t any medications that were likely to be fatal in our medicine cabinet – he had mostly taken NyQuil Liquicaps, Advil and multivitamins. Further, the pills were all intact – none had even lost their shape. It is interesting that he did not take Tylenol (which, with its higher concentration of acetaminophen than NyQuil, carries a higher risk of lasting ill effects), even though the NyQuil Liquicaps were blister-packaged and the Tylenol was not. His dad was a firefighter, and I do know that he taught Andy about first aid, emergency protocol. Andy’s father and I once had a friendly conversation about a national kids safety program we’d both participated in. But I digress. 

He most likely took several handfuls of the (effectively nonlethal) pills and immediately made himself vomit – Andy regularly made himself vomit, usually for dramatic effect. Then it was just a matter of lying still on the floor while we screamed and begged him to wake up, until the EMT’s “revived” him. And viola, he didn’t have to deal with the immediate, terrible fallout. He had 48 hours to just relax – he was always his usual slick salesman self, spinning the situation to us on every visit (we went as much as was allowed). He was even allowed to smoke.

The Tardis Trellis in its new home (now that the peas are done, it’s yard decor until the next thing we decide to plant on it)

That was supposed to be a reply, not a post. My own fault for hitting the wrong key, but it was an error on my part

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hi, i googled david sullivan after you mentioned him and i thought you or your followers might be interested in several audio recordings i found: commonwealthclub DOTORG /events/archive/podcast/investigating-cults voiceamerica DOTCOM /guest/11931/david-sullivan i've only listened to the first one but he's definitely interesting to listen to
kumquatwriter kumquatwriter Said:

Thank you! I’ll check it out when I have a chance :)